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About the blog:

Some of my earliest memories are of when my grandmother would come and visit us.  After her 18 hour flight, the first thing that I would do is take all of my books off of my bookshelves and make her read to me every last one ( or until my mom would tell me to let her rest after the twentieth book). In fact, my parents have a picture of me when I was seven months old reading a book ( i.e. thoroughly engrossed in the pictures).  As you can see reading has always been a big part of my life. During some of my most difficult times I could always find comfort in a book. Earlier this year I discovered book blogging. A whole community of book bloggers that I hadn’t known about. For a long time I thought that I couldn’t become a book blogger. The bloggers that I admired had so many followers and had all these cool blog features. I felt like even if I did start my own blog who would want to read what I had to say? I have always admonished people who were always too afraid to take a chance on something and yet, I had become one of them. I decided right then and there that I was going to start my own blog no matter what. So that is the story of how The Petite Book Blogger was started.

Now let me tell you mine.  My name is Victoria I am a high-school student who is also home-schooled. I have two dogs and a fish. When I’m not reading I am: Going to museums traveling, taking pictures of my dogs and of books, discovering new restaurants, reading on the beach, walking in the rain, bookstagramming, and watching movies.


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44 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I’ve just started my own blog on WordPress and would love to learn from you. I’ve been following your reviews on Goodreads.com and think you have a great style. 🙂
    I’m The Avid Book Nerd and hope you’ll drop by for a visit and leave me some tips (and recommendations).
    Thanks a lot!

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    • First of all thank you so much for thinking about me and asking me to look at your blog! I really like you’re blog and I think that you write very well written reviews 🙂 The only thing that I would recommend is that you might want to include an about me page or post. That way we can get to know you a little better. I look forward to seeing your future blog posts 🙂

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      • Hi! Thanks so much, that really makes me happy. And I did take your advice, although it took me a few tries to get it set up correctly, lol.
        I would also like to ask you a question. Your page regarding your standards on book reviews, do you think everyone should have something like that? Because if I didn’t like a book I don’t want to write a review since I don’t want to disrespect an author who is trying so hard. On the other hand, I’m not afraid of giving some constructive criticism (or receiving it).
        Thanks again for your input! I look forward to following and learning from you. 🙂 And sharing our love of books!


  2. Hey Victoria! You have a great blog here and I’m loving all your posts so far! Sounds like we have a bit in common. I’m homeschooled too, I ❤ dogs (My all time favorites are American Akita's) Traveling is one of my all time favorite things ever, and discovering new restaurants is always fun! Especially since I'm in Portland OR, there's plenty of different restaurants!

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  3. Hello Victoria, from your favorite nutritionist! Your mom told me about your blog, & it is wonderful! You have a real gift for writing–it is very expressive & interesting. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs! Keep up the great work!

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  23. I love your blog. I am a middle schooler. Kids at my school always ask me how I can read so many books and not getting tired or bored but I always tell them reading is something I love and I don’t know what I would do without books. I love books and dogs too. I also like to travel❤️❤️. I am thinking about making a blog but I am a little scared about it. But u have a great blog!!


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