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I’m finally getting around to doing this tag ( which was created by Ariel Bisset  click the link to check out the original video), before the new year comes around! 😂

Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?

Usually if I put down a book it’s because I’m not interested in continuing on with the story for four reasons; the characters aren’t capturing my emotions, the writing and dialogue is terrible, I’m not emotionally prepared to read it, or the story itself is boring. There have only been two instances where I have put down a book but have the intention to pick it back up. The first book is Girl in the Blue Coat.

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I read the first ten pages and loved what I read of the story. The writing was excellent and I have heard only good reviews about this book; but I just wasn’t in the mood to read a depressing book, especially on a rainy and cold winter day….and even though its been almost a year and a half since I put it down I really still want to read it.

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The second book I put down was Great Expectations. Another novel which I really liked and fully intended to read ( it’s also one of my mom’s favorite’s so obviously I’m going to finish it….eventually). I didn’t get very far into the book before I had to return it to the library ( i had already maxed out my allowed amount renewals  🙈 ). My goal is to finish reading Great Expectations before winter ends, all though the likelihood of that happening is very, very slim.

Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?

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I don’t have a *particular* book that I reread or a specific author whose work I like to revisit at the start of every autumn ( like the people *aka everyone* who participate in a Harry Potter or Jane Austen reread during this time of the year). However in my opinion, I don’t think that one book is sufficient enough of a transition into autumn and winter. So what I like to do is have three books that help me transition between summer reading to autumn/winter reading; one last contemporary/beach read and a fantasy novel. Last year I read The Fill in Boyfriend by Kasie West and Soundless by Richelle Mead. This year my transition books were 13 Minutes and Invictus.

Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?

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Obviously I’m always going to be waiting for a book to be released. duh.

However, the are two books in particular that I’m dying to read but haven’t been released yet.


A Thousand Beginnings and Endings is an anthology with fifteen authors reimagined the folklore and mythology of East and South Asia and literally every single story sounds incredible🎉😍🎉😍🎉😍🎉 ( but it won’t be released until next June)😒 The next book that I’m very excited for is Reaper at the Gates!!!!!

What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

Honestly at this point I’m just hoping that I read 3 more books before the year ends.

Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favourite book of the year?

I like to think that all of the books that I plan on reading will become one of my all time favorites.

Have you already started making reading plans for 2018?

Yes, I plan on not being focused on a specific number and instead prioritize on expanding my reading horizons. Picking up some non-fiction, more classics, translated fiction, discovering new authors etc. Another personal goal that I have is to blog more frequently.

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Now we’re at the part of the book tag where I am supposed to nominate a few people to also participate in the tag. So the nominees are…….EVERYONE! 

It seems like almost everyone has already been nominated for this tag already so if you want to do the end of the year tag then do it but you’re going to have to wait until next December ;D

So..Let me know in the comments; What were some of your favorite books of the year? and What are your plans for the new year? xoxo Victoria


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  1. David Wygal says:

    Happy New Year to you & your wonderful family! Please tell everyone I was thinking of them, that I hope your Mom got the Emergency Automobile Glass Breaker Hammer for Christmas!–Dave Wygal

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Dave!!!! We’ve missed hearing from you so much! I did order my mom a glass breaker hammer and it comes with a seat belt cutter ( she loves it). I hope that you and your family are doing well and really happy. We have so much catching up to do; so in a little while you can expect a very long email with lots of questions 😂😂😂. P.S. sorry for taking forever to reply<3

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  2. Nadine says:

    ☺☺☺ Nice post ☺🙂🙂


    1. Thank you for making me smile ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Marie says:

    Lovely answers! I only read An Ember in the Ashes so far, but I loved it so much, I am already anticipating the third book as well, haha 😀
    Happy reading!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve only read the first book in the series too 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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