Say hello To Summer Book Releases: Cure For The Common Universe by Christian Heidicker

Say hello To Summer Book Release (1)

Hello everyone! Today I’m so excited to be introducing the fifth author in our line up, Christian Heidicker!!! Oh my gosh, you guys are going to love the playlist that he created for his book Cure For The Common Universe! It’s literally the perfect playlist for any gamer! Or, you know, just stare at the beautiful book cover! Seriously, every single time I see it, I always finds a cute little easter eagg hidden within it! Anyway….. let’s just get on with it, you guys aren’t here to hear me talk. But before we begin, here’s more information about the Cure For The Common Universe.

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23656453Cure for the Common Universe by Christian Heidicker

Genre: YA Contemporary, Gaming
Page Length: 320 Pages
Publication Date: June 14th, 2016
Publisher: Simon & Shuster


Sixteen-year-old Jaxon is being committed to video game rehab . . .

ten minutes after he met a girl. A living, breathing girl named Serena, who not only laughed at his jokes but actually kinda sorta seemed excited when she agreed to go out with him.

Jaxon’s first date. Ever.

In rehab, he can’t blast his way through galaxies to reach her. He can’t slash through armies to kiss her sweet lips. Instead, he has just four days to earn one million points by learning real-life skills. And he’ll do whatever it takes—lie, cheat, steal, even learn how to cross-stitch—in order to make it to his date.

If all else fails, Jaxon will have to bare his soul to the other teens in treatment, confront his mother’s absence, and maybe admit that it’s more than video games that stand in the way of a real connection.

Prepare to be cured.

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Copy of Copy of What I did this Month (1)CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE

official playlist

Let’s make book playlists a thing, shall we?

I’ll start.

I combed through my humble music collection and tried to find the perfect match for the theme and mood of each chapter from my book, Cure for the Common Universe ( I listened to the final product, and it sounded . . . well, not-so smooth. So I trimmed and preened and swapped and replaced, and I think I’ve curated something quite listenable that will complement the book handsome- and/or beautifully.

There’s some St. Vincent in there. There’s also some Andrew Bird, of Montreal, Elvis Presley, Dan Deacon, mr. Gnome, Father John Misty, and of course, of course, a handful of iconic songs from video games. I’ve provided a relatively spoiler-free, Winnie-the-Poohish synopsis for each chapter as well as notable lyrics from each song, in case you’re wondering why in the hell I selected it.

I hope this playlist treats you well. No, wait, more. I hope these songs place your heart in a tiny ship and then sail it high above the clouds, beyond the lightning and the rainbows and the atmospheric pressure, and I hope it wins every battle fought along the way.

I give you the official playlist of Cure for the Common Universe:

“Nah nah . . .”



In which Jaxon meets a girl at a car wash

and seriously considers getting waxed

Song: “Katamari Nah-Nah” from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack

Notable lyric: “Nah-nah”

  • LOADING . . .

In which everything hangs on a video game debate

Song: “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” by Owen Pallett

Notable lyric: “I’m never gonna give it to you.”


In which Jaxon arrives in the desert and gains a new name

Song: “Crying in the Chapel” by Elvis Presley

Notable lyric: “I’ve searched and I’ve searched, but I couldn’t find . . . the way to gain a piece of mind.”


In which Miles Prower is Guilded

Song: “Katamari on the Rocks” from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack

Notable lyric: “Choo choo choochoo choo choo choochoo choo choo choo choochoo”

  • NPCs

In which Miles meets his hero, his minion, his arch nemesis, his future love interest,

and Zxzord

Song: “Feel the Lightning” – Dan Deacon

Notable lyric: “Can you feel the lightning covering your skin; it’s a nightmare; ’cause you’re on fire.”


In which Miles learns there’s only one way to escape V-hab

Song: “Good Night” from the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack

Notable lyric: Sleeeeeeeeeeeepy


In which the game begins and Miles adopts an egg

Song: “Run for Cover” by mr. Gnome

Notable lyric: “Greed is here. Greed is here.”


In which . . . sports

Song: “Bit of Tongue” – mr. Gnome

Notable lyric: “Wanna piece? Here’s one; piece, here’s one; Wanna piece? Here’s one; Wanna piece of it”


In which the Nest grows dark

and Fezzik tells some scary stories

Song: “Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse” by of Montreal

Notable lyric: “C’mon, chemicals!”


In which Miles takes a shower

and someone very special is smashed to death

Song: “Digital Witness” – St. Vincent

Notable lyric: “People turn the TV on; it looks just like a window; yeah”


In which Miles masters the art of levitation

and Soup tries to remember ALL the swears

Song: “Lights Out” by Angel Olsen

Notable lyric: “Some days all you need is one good thought strong in your mind.”


In which Fezzik tries to cure everything

and Aurora tells a story about her toe

Song: “Orpheo Looks Back” – Andrew Bird

Notable lyric: “You must cross the muddy river; where love turns to, love turns to fear.”


In which Miles learns about astronomy and astrology

and Dr. Mario makes an appearance

Song: “Far Horizons” from the Skyrim soundtrack

Notable lyrics: preeeeeeeetty

  • 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

In which things get fast and ugly

and Miles is visited by the ghost of gaming past

Song: “Rise and Shine” by mr. Gnome

Notable lyric: “We ain’t got much to fear”


In which Miles loses his armor

and Soup shows off his handiwork

Song: “Orpheo” – Andrew Bird

Notable lyric: “They say you don’t look; ’cause it’ll probably disappear”


In which Miles eats a doughnut in the Fairy Fountain

and Fezzik gets romantic

Song: “Dearly Beloved” by Kingdom Hearts

Notable lyric: Looooooooovelyyyyyyyyyy


In which Golden Points become a thing

and Miles gets his love handle pinched

Song: “Petroleum Tinged” – James Blake

Notable lyric: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerie


In which the Grouchy Burds utilize their shapes

and Aurora dies theatrically

Song: “I Want to be Well” by Sufjan Stevens

Notable lyric: “Endless lights prey upon the lonely, prey upon the lonely”


In which Miles is denied a second high five

and makes a terrible mistake


Song: “An Ideal Husband” by Father John Misty



In which an epic battle is fought in a circle of chairs

Song: “Come to Your Senses” by Panda Bear

Notable lyric: “Are you mad? Yeah, I’m mad.”


In which Miles lays in his bunk bed

and feels the universe expand

Song: “No Conclusion” – of Montreal

Notable lyric: “Tonight I feel like I should just destroy myself.”


In which there is toast and horchata

and Miles comes to an obvious revelation

Song: “Ya Hey” by Vampire Weekend

Notable lyric: “Oh, the motherland don’t love you; the fatherland don’t love you; so why love anything?”


In which Miles gets lucky

but not that lucky

Song: “Lucky 1” by Avey Tare

Notable lyric: “Die in a bed of shade; today you’re like the lucky one.”


In which the Grouchy Burds set off in search of their lost pet

and Miles Prower becomes Jaxon again

Song: “Nascence” from the Journey soundtrack

Notable lyric: Looooooooonely


In which Jaxon traverses the infinite sandbox

Song: “Get Older” by Dan Deacon

Notable lyric: “This is the day; of the expanding man”


In which Jaxon has an unexpected date

and Soup evolves

Song: “The New Saint Jude” Andrew Bird

Notable lyric: “Ever since I gave up hope I’ve been feeling so much better . . .”

Thank you so much Mr. Heidicker for sharing this amazing playlist! Make sure to pick up a copy of Cure For The Common Universe at your local library and/ or bookstore and share with the hashtag #SHTSBR!


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