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I feel like I haven’t talked about myself  enough recently so I decided to share some interesting (okay, they’re not really that interesting ) bookish facts about myself  to get myself out of this rut of posting book reviews sporadically and you know, not blogging for weeks on end. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading 25 bookish facts about me!!!

1.I do NOT like audiobooks. I just can’t stand the sound of the human voice so I tend to tune it out. I have actually become very talented at this, just ask my sisters. I once tried reading listening to one and made it through about four chapters before I turned it off . Hearing  the narrator drone on and on for like, 20 hours when I can just read the book myself in a few hours is just…..infuriating and boring. 

2. I have never read a graphic novel. 

3.I don’t eat and read at the same time. Now, I have made the mistake of trying to multitask  while reading before. Once I was reading The Princess Diaries at the table whilst eating pasta with gravy (i.e.tomato sauce) and I wasn’t half way through the meal before I dropped it all over my book. Thankfully, it was a library book so I didn’t actually damage my own books. ( and to answer your question yes, I did return it in that sorry state)

4.I don’t have a favorite book, book series, or author. This isn’t surprising considering that I also don’t have a favorite color, movie, or music genre.

5. I have only read eight of the books on my book shelves. There really isn’t any excuse that I could give you that would justify this horrific act on my part, so I’m not going to even try.

6. I tend to read a lot more e-books than physical books. I would rather read physical books but with e-books I can read at night (no more flashlights!!!!) and most of the arcs that I receive are in e-book format.

7. I am obsessed with bookstagram!!! Here’s one of my favorites.


9. All of my books are arranged by color.

10. I always play music while I’m reading. I find that I have a hard time concentrating without any background noise so every time that I read I just put on my study playlist. This is in fact how I started to listen to movie scores while I read.

11.I like books with maps in them because I think that they’re pretty but I don’t find them to be necessary. I don’t think that I have ever once referred back to a map as I was reading a book, once I’m invested in the story I can’t seem turn the pages fast enough. So I’m not going to stop and flip back to see where they are!

14. I can read an entire novel in a day. Most of the books that I read are between 300 – 500 pages long and if I’m really invested in a book I can read it within 24 hrs (although I usually only take 5 hrs).


15.My most owned author is also my least favorite author. I own all of Kody Keplinger’s published books, including signed The DUFF movie poster, swag  from the film and a signed audio book box set. Yay :/


16. I always carry a book in my bag. Usually I just bring my tablet with me so my books are in e-book format and thus I can’t take any pictures ( see fact 6.). But when I know I’m going somewhere where I can take some (nice) photos I take a physical book. I might have to stop doing this because it usually ends up with a bent page or tear in the dust jacket 😦

17. My prized ( bookish ) possession is a signed arc of The Walled City by Ryan Graudin.

18. I would much rather watch a movie adaptation than actually read the classic novel it was based off of. Yes, I know that movies cut out a lot of the original story and add elements to the film to make it more interesting. But I would rather struggle watching Les Miserables or Moby Dick for four hours than attempt to read a 800+ page novel. What can I say? I’m lazy.

19. Book buying bans are completely unnecessary for me. Last year I purchased only one book, which was Illuminae. It’s not that I don’t like supporting authors or adding to my book collection because I do, just not with my money. Whenever I go to purchase a book  my hands get clammy, I feel light headed thinking about spending my own money then as I walk up to the counter I go…

rage i cant i cant even memes

afterwards I just toss the book ( gently place it back on the shelf) and run to the car.

20.I have never been to a book event before. This makes me so sad. I’m making it a goal of mine to make it to BEA next year, fingers crossed that I’ll be there!

sad ben affleck depressed overwhelmed hello darkness my old friend

21. I find it easier to write reviews for books that I dislike than books that I love. I wish that this wasn’t the case, I love so many books and I would love to share my thoughts about them with you guys. Does anyone else deal with the inability to say things other than “OMG! OMG! I LOVE THIS BOOK!” when you are writing a review for a 5 star book?

22.I am literally a sociopath when it comes to reading. Show me a cute dog video, I start sobbing. Have a character die…game of thrones shrug joffrey baratheon hbo i dont know

Rarely do I ever cry or laugh during a book. Which kinda sucks because I like it when I become so involved in a story that I become overwhelmed with “the feels”. I feel like I’m being cheated out of a reading experience! Darn my  insensitivity!

23.I can’t read before I go to bed. If I do, I just keep saying to myself ” just one more chapter” over and over until I’ve finished the book at 5 am.

working from home sleep tired duck nap

24. I don’t understand how people can read multiple books at once. I find it so confusing and I always end up getting the plots and characters mixed up. How do you guys do it???

25.I haven’t watched any  ya movie adaptations. The only one that I have watched is The Hunger Games. I still need to watch the Divergent series franchise, the rest of The Hunger Games, The Fifth Wave, The Maze Runner etc……..

sorry apology reaction i apologize forgive me

I nominate:

I’m looking forward to seeing your posts! 

18 thoughts on “25 BOOKISH FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. Ooooo! Thanks for the tag! I am always looking for something interesting to post. I am so envious that you can read a book that fast. I can read a book that I really love quickly, but it usually takes me way longer than 5 hours! ❤


  2. I loved reading this, and it was so great to get to know you more! 🙂 I always carry a book in my bag as well, can’t leave without a book, ahah, I just NEED a book. And you should watch all of the movie adaptations, I’d love to know your thoughts about all of these! 🙂 Thank you so much for the tag! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I usually read multiple books at once for several reasons – whenever I get tired of reading one, I can switch and read some of another one, but also because not all my books fit nicely in my bag.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great bookish facts. I loved them all! I completely agree about audiobooks. They’re really difficult to get into when you have someone droning in your ear for hours on end. That’s why I couldn’t finish Pride and Prejudice. I found it so boring.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I relate to a lot of these. My unread book shelf is twice as full (spilling off the shelves) than my read one. Love to rant about things I hate. Loving something is just pushing the book in someone’s hands and walking away, in a review that is. But a lot of your answers, I am the complete opposite. Night time reader, reads all the things at once, cries ALL the times, and I can’t have my books by color (what about the different spined series).

    I love this post and tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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