Guest post: Mia from Mia in Narnia

Hi everyone, since there was a little bit of a mix up during the Summer Blogger Promo Tour and I wasn’t able to post Mia’s guest post I thought that I would post it now after I have received it. I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did!

Most anticipated release of the year?

Most of my anticipated releases are already out, but for the rest of the year I’m really looking forward to Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Carry on’ and Julie Kagawa’s ‘the iron warrior’!

If you could do one thing to make this world a better place what would you do?

Oooh…that’s a big question. I’d probably try and cure all diseases, although I know that’s impossible.

About how many books do you own?

Approximately 400 physical books and 50 ebooks

If I could grant you three wishes what would you wish for?

Unlimited free books, world peace, and a really good ‘Black Widow’ movie.

Name your three favorite books?

I can’t pick 3, but here are my top 5:

‘Clockwork angel’ – Cassandra Clare

‘The fault in our stars’ – John Green

‘Two boys kissing’ – David Levithan

‘The book thief’ – Marcus Zusak

‘Eleanor & Park’ – Rainbow Rowell

Name me your least favorite books?

Sophie McKenzie’s ‘Sister missing’ and ‘Specials’ by Scott Westerfeld. Sorry to anyone who likes those books!

Do you like to listen to audio books?

Nope. I don’t really like anything apart from physical books.

What are you wearing right now?

Fluffy pyjamas!

Now, how do you organize your bookshelf?

By genre, with books by the same author together.

If you could get your hands on an extremely rare/collectible book what book would it be?

A first edition of Jane Austen’s ‘pride and prejudice’

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?
Hmmm…now that I’m thinking about it, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. I did get an A on my English literature GCSE last month, which was pretty cool!

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