{Arc Review} Secret of Sevens by Lynn Lindquist


Secret of the Sevens

by Lynn Lindquist 

Release Date: 06/2015

Flux Publishing

Format: Paperback 

Stars 4.5 out of 5

Summary from Goodreads:

Everyone at Singer, a boarding school for underprivileged kids, knows the urban legend of the Society of Seven. Decades ago, the original members of the secret guild for elite students murdered the school’s founder and then perished in the fire they lit to hide the evidence. Or so the story goes.

Talan Michaels doesn’t care about Singer’s past. He’s too focused on his future and the fact that he’ll be homeless after he graduates in May. To take his mind off it, he accepts a mysterious invitation to join a group calling itself the Sevens. He expects pranks, parties, and perks. Instead, he finds himself neck-deep in a conspiracy involving secret passages and cryptic riddles about the school’s history. Even worse, he’s now tangled in web of lies someone will kill to keep hidden.

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Singer is a boarding school for the underprivileged children. The children come from abusive households, foster care, dangerous neighborhoods, troubled homes or were abandoned. They are given the chance to have a future that they could never dream of. Every student at Singer knows of the urban legend of the Society of Seven. An elite group of students who were hand picked by the headmaster and founder of the school William Singer. They were promised wealth and the fulfillment of their greatest desires in return. According to legend William Singer was murdered by the Society of Seven one night for his money. Mr. Singer and five other students died that night in a fire… The other two were never found and rumored to still be alive. Talan Micheals, an underachieving student, has no idea where his life is heading. One day he finds a black letter addressed to him. It’s an invitation to join the Society of Seven. Thinking that it will be a way to keep his mind off of graduation and to have fun he accepts. Not realizing that he will be tasked with finding something very important. Something that might just reveal the truth behind that fateful night.
The moment that I started to read Secrets of Seven I was immediately captivated by the story. I couldn’t stop reading the book and finished it in one day. I thought that the concept of a boarding school for the underprivileged was not only a fascinating and unique setting but it sets this story apart from others. The author does an amazing job of keeping this story so suspenseful throughout the whole book. Between the conspiracy, the riddles, and romance there is never a dull moment. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m not going to go too much into the story. All that I am going to say is that some of the revelations in this story completely blind sided me. Being able to read about how even the most ordinary things were clues to the puzzle was fascinating to me.  
When you first meet Talan he is the star football player at Singer, a ladies man, and always thinking of new ways to prank the head master. But, as we get to know him it turns out that he is a much more complex character. Talan has ADD and feels that he will only ever be a dumb jock. So he doesn’t even try to apply himself in school and spends his time worrying about where he will be after graduation. After he is invited to join the Society of Seven he begins to change how he thinks of others and of himself. I like that he’s also not one of those brooding characters, he’s funny and smart so I really enjoyed reading from his point of view. His changes in his confidence and personality don’t happen by chapter eight. It takes him a while to begin to accept himself and open up to others. Which is something that not many authors do. I really liked the pace of the character development for all of the characters in Secrets of Seven.
I really enjoyed reading from Talans point of view his relationship with Delaney. There romance is not the focal poin of this story but, rather its highlighted. At first they’re always trading insults and arguing with each other. They have grown up together and have more of a brother and sister relationship at first. An interesting thing about their relationship is that he has always thought that she was attractive but she’s always just been Delaney his house sister. It’s not until they are working together to solve the clues and riddles does he begin to become attracted to her. I liked how he wasn’t attracted to her based solely on her physical appearance as he had always known that she was pretty but, rather he liked her because of who she was and her personality. Their relationship progressed at a great pace and was never rushed. Overall, this was a very well written book with a unique plot. With well written characters that I think that everyone would enjoy.

I received Secrets of Sevens from Flux Publishing and Netgalley. All opinions stated are my own I was in no way compensated for this review.

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