My sister is performing today in the Cinderella ballet! So here are my Top Five Books about ballet

In honor of my little sister performing today in the Cinderella Ballet as a fairy attendant I have decided to dedicate this blog post to her and her number one passion Ballet. Ballet is an art form that requires a great deal of dedication and talent in order to succeed as a professional ballerina in a highly competitive world. Today I plan on highlighting five young adult books that I want to read that have a plot that centers around ballet and its dedicated dancers.



Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things” is a book about competitive ballerinas and their journey as they try to destroy each other to reach the top.  Sabotage always makes for an interesting read don’t you think? It is also compared to “Pretty Little Liars” so you know that it will be amazing and intense.

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(2) Bunheads

Sophie Flack was a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet for nine years. Her years of dancing experience makes “Bunheads” in my opinion, very realistic. The author has  experienced everything that the characters experience in the book first  hand.

(3) Love You, Hate You (Ballet School Confidential #1)

What makes the Ballet School Confidential trilogy unique is that all of the ballet students in the books have different strengths and weaknesses. Every dancer is unique and special in their own way but, that doesn’t mean that they are very confident in what makes them unique or it isn’t seen as an imperfection that needs to be corrected. Seeing how the characters have to deal with their imperfections is perfect for any reader to relate to.

(4) One Perfect Pirouette

Every step towards success comes at at a price but what are you willing to pay for it?  “One Perfect Pirouette” is the story about Bryanna and her family who have made the ultimate sacrifice for her by moving closer Melborne for her to attend a top ballet school. What is Bryanna willing to sacrifice in order to achieve her dreams? I like that the story isn’t just about ballet but the importance of family and perseverance 

(5) The Turning (St. Petersburg #4)

” The Turning” by Gloria Whelan is the only book in this post that I have read. It was an interesting book because it’s set during the fall of communism and what it was like for a young ballerina living in the Soviet Union at the time.
What are your ballet book recommendations?

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